I like building things using software and hardware. I like dreaming big and I like being around big dreamers. There are few things that get me as excited as an idea, an empty whiteboard, and a fresh text editor.

What I do for work

  • I run a small consultancy where we write code for companies and occasionally train others on how to write code.

  • I’m a contributor to Graphene, an open source library for Django.

  • I’m the president of the San Francisco chapter of the Columbia Venture Community where I lead a twelve person board and do event programming around entrepreneurship for Columbia alums.

  • I’m currently focused on a stealth venture in the hardware space involving robotics.

What I do for fun

Fun facts

  • I’ve participated and/or mentored in over 15 hackathons, including the first ever hackathon in the Gaza strip.

  • I went to Egypt during the revoluton in 2011, for fun. Here’s a photo of me near Tahrir Square in front a tank.

  • I used to work at the White House and once met and talked to President Obama in the Oval Office.