Results from my first attempt at making Neapolitan Pizza

Based off of Kenji’s Hacker Free Neapolitan Pizza recipe

Couple thoughts:

  • This is the closest to neapolitan I’ve gotten. Thin crust, leopard pattern on the top and bottom.
  • It wasn’t as chewy as I wanted it to be (the test I use is whether it folds rather than bends when pinched by hand end to end - it’d mostly fold but not as sharply as an american slice).
  • I wanted the cheese to burn a little more but that’d mean the crust would overcook. Not quite sure what the solution is here.
  • There’s a step in the recipe where you leave the dough out to rise. Mine did not rise. Reasons? I think too much hydration + the oil in the bowl sank from the sides to the bottom and engulfed the dough.

Overall, good progress. Took a lot of time (3 days of waiting, ~2.5 hours of labor) but worth it. Couple things to try on the next iteration:

  • Kenji recommends a scale for accuracy purposes - might be time to get one to make sure my mix is right.
  • I got rise when cooking but it was moderate. I need to find the reason why I’m not getting good, high rise.
  • I forgot to take a photo of the cross section for analysis. Will do that next time.
  • The flour on the pan to prevent sticking would start burning over time - need to dust it out from pizza to pizza.
  • When kneading the dough, I’d mess up and tear it and start from scratch which I imagine hurts something. I want to work on getting this right.
Written on May 29, 2018